Do You Love A Parade?

Do You Love A Parade The month of May always takes me back to celebrating a special day or event that includes marching bands and floats!

I’ve always marched to the beat of a drum … it’s in my head! It all began with a great and amazing lady, my first dance teacher … and former NYC Rockette! She would prance around the room with a baton in her hand like it was magic. I was memorized … and there so it began.

I’ll never forget the first time I marched in a parade as a young girl. It was addicting … marching along the street with the bands, floats, balloons & the procession of people in costume for some sort of celebration. Everyone clapping and cheering like you’re a famous star. Performers feed off the crowd’s applause and the positive energy flows both ways.

staying warm From the 90’ parades in July, to the 30′ snowy Thanksgiving Day Parades, and standing for hours on end, never bothered those of us who marched to the beat of those drums!  WP HS Majorettes

This has continued for me throughout my life … as the High School Majorette Captain, as a Miss Delaware, as Director of the Delawarettes Twirling Team,and even to watching my son the high school marching band trumpet player … those are such great memories!


And so the saga continues…

Leading and Guiding Home Buyers and Sellers to the beat of a drum … trying to stay to stay in step, and not veer off course. If you’ve ever been in a parade, you know how thrilling it is to be at the front where all the excitement and energy forms. That’s how I feel when it comes to my favorite pricing strategy & leading the market for marketing homes!

If you love a parade and need someone to guide you in the right direction of selling or buying a beach home, email me – for a special selection of routines and smashing reviews!

PS. Don’t forget to check out our local Memorial Day parade here at the beach…/Berlins-Memorial-Day-bash-homecoming…

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