Donna Lewis Stiles Home Improvement Book

Which Renovations and Improvements
are Worth the Investment

Homeowners are putting money into their homes and making improvements or renovations all the time.  But many times, they put money into projects and additions that won’t garner a return on their investment.

Find out which home improvements are the best to make a boost to your home’s value and find out which one won’t be worth it.

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Part 1: Getting Started

Remodeling – Is it worth it?
Where to spend your money!
Trends to Avoid!

Part 2: Your Area and Outdoor Improvements

Don’t Overdo It.  Keeping your area in mind!
Outdoor Improvements!

Part 3: Remodeling

Flooring, Walls, and Lighting
Cooking Up a New Kitchen
Living Room Upgrades and Renovations
Bedroom and Attic Renovations
Bathroom RenovatinsRemodeling, Additions and ROI

Part 4: Prepare to Sell

Importance of Great Photos
Staging Solutions and Options

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