Get Your Ocean Pines Home Ready To Sell!

Happy Groundhog Day 2016 IT’S AN EARLY SPRING!

You Don’t Have Six More Weeks to Hibernate! 

If you’re looking to sell your Ocean Pines home during the prime house-shopping season this spring, you’d better get cracking now to stand out from the competition!

The Ocean Pines real estate market and all the things involved in selling a home at the beach can seem complicated, and it can be very hard to know which tips to trust. While there’s plenty of great advice to go around from many knowledgeable sources, here are some of the best tips before you list your Ocean Pines home from home sellers who have made a successful sale!


It’s important to compare the condition of your Ocean Pines home with other homes on the market and to those Ocean Pines homes that have sold. Drop any emotional attachments to its value or a certain dollar figure.  Evaluate your home the way a picky buyer would, and have honest expectations.  Be realistic.

Once you’ve done your own walk-through, you may want to have a pro take a second look. These people can spot flaws you overlooked because either you’re used to them or you didn’t realize they could cause trouble. You should hire a home inspector to do an inspection (or pre-inspection) to pinpoint problems from bad wiring to outdated plumbing.

  • First Impressions Matter – Your Ocean Pines home needs to have curb appeal. If the potential buyer doesn’t see that, it will be difficult to get the price you want. Spend money and time landscaping your yard. Pressure wash your driveway. Paint your front door. Make your porch look welcoming.
  • Freshening Up the Interior – Each room needs to be freshly painted in a neutral color. Old wallpaper and borders should be stripped and walls repainted. Make each room look larger by clearing any clutter. Have any carpets professionally cleaned, and be sure to polish any hardwood flooring.  Clean, de-clutter and organize your closets, our kitchen, and bathrooms so that they sparkling.
  • Upgrades -When you think of upgrades, you many automatically assume major costs with little return. However, many upgrades may be within your budget. Selling your home may require you to spend a little money, but you’ll likely get the full value of your home.


You may have a dollar figure in mind—perhaps based on what you paid originally, plus a little extra. Because homes appreciate, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. While a hefty increase in value is nice in theory—and in general, no matter what you paid for your home, market values fluctuate—both up and down.  But all that matters on the open market is what buyers are willing to pay now.  After you have an agent do a CMA for your Ocean Pines home, it’s worthwhile doing some research on your end and consider an Independent appraisal by a licensed appraiser to determine the approximate value of your property.

Know the Competition – In addition to pricing your Ocean Pines home correctly, you’ll need to know how many homes in your price range are on the market. If there are several homes in your neighborhood waiting to sell, price your home aggressively to get buyers to choose yours.  If there are fewer homes in your neighborhood for sale, shoot for a price that’s just above your desired listing price.


Professional Home Photos (1)  “A picture can describe a thousand words”   When you list your Ocean Pines home for sale, you’ll want to attract the best possible offers. High-quality photography can help your home get noticed. It is a proven fact that online home listings that have high-quality photos attract more interest from buyers than the listings that do not.  High-quality photography is an essential part of a successful online home listing that will help your house to stand out. The first step to taking high-quality photos of your home will involve staging your home. Your real estate agent should recommend tips on how to improve the look of your home for photography purposes.

Spring is one of the most popular times of year to put an Ocean Pines home on the market. With so many people considering a home purchase among their yearly plans, and with the milder season fast approaching, it will be an ideal time for buyers to go house shopping.  In order to have your home ready to show for the spring, you’ll need to have everything complete so your house will be market ready when the potential buyers are out.

Remember, there are no certainties when it comes to selling your Ocean Pines house stress-free, but there are things you can do in advance to minimize the impact it will have on your well-being. If you’re wondering about ways to keep your stress level low, before, during and throughout the selling of your home contact me for a Special One Hour! FREE STAGING & MARKETING CONSULTATION! 

Home staging is a wonderful way to help your home sell more quickly!  Buyers are more motivated to consider purchasing a home that suits their family size, budget, and location requirements, but also one that appeals to their senses.  What will a buyer see, smell, hear, and touch when they tour your Ocean Pines home for the first time this spring?

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