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First impressions are critical.  What do prospective buyers see when they walk into your home?  If you’ve had showings but no offers, it may be that you could benefit from the services of a professional home staging and showcasing expert.

My name is Donna Lewis Stiles and I’m an experienced REALTOR® and Accredited Real Estate Staging Professional.  I would be happy to take a look at your property to determine if there are any obstacles preventing a sale or lowering the value of your home.

I’m certain your last agent emphasized the importance of decluttering and depersonalizing your home, but I do so much more than that.  When you renew your listing with me, I will highlight your home’s most marketable features while downplaying any flaws.  Using color, texture, professional lighting, artwork, accessories, furniture, and other tools, I’ll create excitement and emotional appeal in prospective buyers.  With a striking focal point in every room, your home will be transformed from living condition to showpiece condition.

Concerned about cost?  Home staging doesn’t have to be expensive.  If you’re prepared to do most of the work yourself, getting your home ready for buyers could cost as little as $100.  I’ll let you know exactly what needs to be done and how to implement the suggested changes.  And in the event you require furniture or artwork rental, floor refinishing, kitchen updates, or other professional services, I work with a number of great companies able to provide these services at a discount.

Even in today’s challenging real estate market, staged homes typically sell in four to five weeks or less, while comparable non-staged properties remain on the market an average of 30 weeks!  Moreover, on average, staged properties sell for 6.9% more than their non-staged counterparts.  With statistics like these, can you afford not to have your home professionally staged?

Please call me at 410.430.8755 and we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit your property.  To learn more about the comprehensive home presentation, marketing, and sales services I provide, you can also visit my Web site at www.TheBeachHomeAgent.com


If you’re looking to sell your home during the prime house-shopping season this spring, you need to complete STEP ONE!  Let me help whip your place into shape by suggesting areas of fixing problems and upgrading the eyesores. Because like it or not, your home has sustained some wear and tear over the years. Home staging is a wonderful way to help your home sell quickly!

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