Are you “trying” to sell your house or actually get it sold!

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“Do or do not” There is no try!  – Yoda  

“Thinking Back Thursday”  After viewing the news from my hometown – The Force Awakens! Delaware Curse Broken! I sent out congrats to Miss Delaware USA 2015 “Renee Bull” for placing in the top ten! and found an old photo of me …. and then decided to write a blog from an Out-Of-This-World Real Estate Agent .. and former Miss USA-Delaware!

Seems like selling a home right now can be done by anyone … especially with  all the information you can find through the Internet!  But, whether you want  to try and sell with an agent or by yourself, everyone needs a bit of guidance to actually get it sold!  

Here’s a few quick steps to sell your home:

  1. Preparation – show the very best condition of your home – and here is the first step! Make a best first impression to potential buyers so that they are attracted to buy your home. Get rid of dirt and rubbish, remove all clutter and personal items, repair all flaws of your home, and get rid of unused furniture or stuff to make it looks spacious!
  2. Price your home effectively – A home that is priced right and reasonable will sell in a short time. You can use a third party service to give suggestion about your home’s value or contact a real estate agent and go over the local market conditions with them.
  3. When To Sell – You also have to know the right time to sell your home. You surely want to sell your home in a good economic condition and strong demand for houses, which tend to be stronger in June and July. If you sell your home at the right time and with good preparation, you will get many more offers of your home than your prediction.
  4. A Bit About The Costs Involved – You should also think about any costs that you will spend in selling your home, whether it is attorney costs, closing costs, advertisements costs, etc.
  5. Get a real estate agent or a lawyer – You can make the flow of documents easier by having professional advice in your selling process.
  6. Marketing your home – There are many ways to market your home:
  • The internet of things & social media
  • Professional Home Photos: a picture can describe a thousand words
  • Open houses
  • Home Brochures/Information sheets – Ads
  • The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) provided by the agents

In a Galaxy far, far way … someone is trying to sell their home!

Donna Lewis Stiles, Real Estate Agent

Be the supreme commander of your empire … call me today and ask for professional advice. I specialize in what it takes to make your house stand out from the competition, drive up demand through high-tech marketing and attract an offer!


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