How to sell your Ocean Pines Home! Is It Red Carpet Ready?

Red Carpet Listing There are a few often-repeated rules for showcasing homes for sale in Ocean Pines:  1) Landscaping for curb appeal,  2) storing personal items to maximize feelings of spaciousness, and 3) even baking a carb-loaded treat so the house smells like a home should.

You’ve heard these open house chestnuts because they are true and helpful, but, picture potential buyers walking into your home, deciding whether to make it theirs. Isn’t there something else, something important for you, the homeowner to think about, something right underfoot?

If you are prepping your Ocean Pines home for sale without considering the cleanliness of your carpet, you could be making a huge oversight. Yes, the state of your humble carpet contributes hugely to the atmosphere of your home, though often in an unobtrusive, almost subliminal way. It often doesn’t have the eye-catching power of hardwood or other solid surfaces, but atmosphere is atmosphere. Like an off smell, dirty carpets can taint the entire experience of your home for potential buyers.

Clean Carpet Now, this is obvious in extreme cases. If your pets have had a field day or your children have carved a muddy path through your carpet, common sense says call a professional cleaner before you show the home. However, this step is important for almost all sellers looking to get the best price possible. Even clean carpets fade and even the most conscientious of us slowly dirty flooring over time, we are walking on it, after all. A thorough cleaning by professionals will return your carpet to pristine condition and put your open house attendees in a place where they won’t have to imagine the house they want; they’ll be standing in it.

Armour Spot Out Carpet is very visible; in some homes, it runs through every room. As such, it provides a feel to the home and for you as the owner. A potential buyer may not know you regularly change the air filters on your furnace and diligently perform other necessary maintenance, but, when they see your clean carpets, they will feel you are the kind of person who would do these things.

Of course, carpet care depends on your individual circumstance. If your carpet is largely gorgeous, spot cleaning using your choice of spray may be appropriate. If your carpets are a horror, removal or replacement may be in order. But, for most sellers, most of the time, the maxim holds true: sell your house, clean your carpets.

Would dirty carpets affect selling your Ocean Pines Home? If so call Armour Services – Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning at 443.397.8443 – Armour Services proudly provides quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services to Ocean Pines, MD, Berlin, MD, Ocean City, MD and the surrounding areas.

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