How To Sell Your Ocean Pines Home This Winter!

Squirrel in winter Are you on the fence about selling your Ocean Pines home?

The winter season can provide a few advantages to list your Ocean Pines home for sale!

Fewer people want to deal with the hassle of keeping their houses in order for showings this time of year, which means there will be less competition. So take advantage of the lagging market and implement the tips below to help sell your home this winter.

 Price It Fairly

Buyers who are searching for a home during the winter season are serious about finding a new place to live. So if you price your home fairly, a determined buyer will sniff out the deal quickly and be offering a bid before you know it.

Will your agent use a Professional Photographer?

Redfin posted last month “that homes with listing photos taken with DSLR cameras sell for $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices.” This means that most of the time it actually pays to hire a professional photographer. Professional photographers know how to make rooms look larger and brighter for internet & print marketing. Attention-grabbing photos means more positive interest in your home.

Point Out Its Perks

Is your home in a great community with amenities with walking distance to them?  Make sure your marketing pieces call attention to those conveniences. Most people don’t like to leave their homes if the weather gets bad, so if a buyer is still on the fence about purchasing your home, the fact that they could walk to a local restaurant right around the corner might be what helps sell your home this winter.

Create A Cozy Atmosphere

Set the mood in your home for when buyers tour it. Turn off overhead lights and turn on lamps to create a soft glow. Turn up the thermostat to create an escape from the outdoors. Showcase your fireplace. There’s something about a crackling fire that makes everyone want to curl up with a book. Create a cozy atmosphere and you’ll have buyers feeling like they’re already at home.

Don’t let the winter market deter you! Price it fairly, have professional photographs taken and make potential buyers feel at home. With the tips above you’ll sell your home this winter and be in your new house by spring!

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